Why You Should Buy Yourself a Meaningful Gift

After the holidays, most people wind up with gift cards and no ideas. After we’ve received so many gifts, we aren’t typically thinking about what more we want. When someone hands you a gift card, it’s not a generic substitute for a real present – it’s an opportunity to make their contribution to your life even more thoughtful than they might have envisioned. The person who gave you a gift card wants to bring you happiness, even if they don’t know the best way to do so off the top of their head.

Gift Cards are a Blessing

Spend your gift card on something that will improve your life. You can have a million plastic things that will sit on a shelf forever. You already have a toaster and a blender. Your drawer is full of socks and the linen closet is well stocked with comfortable blankets. Get yourself something you wouldn’t ordinarily get. What would contribute to your wellbeing? What would help you achieve your highest good? You know better than anyone else.

5 Ideas to Treat Yourself                

Meaningful gifts have a tendency to fall into five main categories. Among those categories, one could sort a whole host of things that truly make their lives better.

  1. Life Organizers

Be more productive. Get things done. Clear out your workplace, clear out your mind, and clear out your schedule. It’s time to reassess your priorities an enable yourself to achieve everything you want to achieve in the coming year. A well designed day planner can help you keep yourself on track. A desk organization system can make your workflow a lot easier. A journal can help you work through your feelings and develop a clearer perspective on who you are and what you want.

  1. Spiritual Equipment

How do you spend time connecting with the universe? Some people meditate with crystals. Others prefer aromatherapy to uplift the vibe of their homes. Get yourself a set of meditation crystals you can charge with your intentions. Grab some essential oils you can use to scent your home or yourself. Read a book about a new school of thought, like Buddhism. Learn about your highest self.

  1. A Fulfilling Project

Give yourself a project that will enrich your life. Growing fresh herbs, learning to paint, or mastering an instrument are great for your soul. They connect you to the creative forces that help all of us be. Get a few packets of seeds for spring. Pick up an instructional oil painting kit. Get that beautiful acoustic guitar you’ve always wanted. If you’re willing to set aside a little time each week to do something to better yourself, you’ll grow as a person.

  1. A Wellness Endeavor

Your physical health is equally as important as your emotional health and spiritual health. We all have a tendency to eat and overindulge a little bit during the holiday season. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself as long as you have a plan to rebound back to a better lifestyle. Get a smart water bottle to help you make sure you’re getting enough water. Pick up some yoga supplies and get back into doing your morning stretch routine.

  1. Something That Inspires Your Confidence

You need to feel great about yourself every day. It’s not superficial to focus on the way you look, as long as your inside matches your outside. Get yourself that perfume that makes you feel beautiful. Pick up a semiprecious gemstone pendant – it can even double as a meditation aid. Skincare helps your appearance while nourishing your skin, making it an effective two for one that addresses both your internal and external self. Feel confident.

Finding Your Path This Year

Material things contribute to helping you find your path, but an intuitive reading can contribute even more. If you’re looking to spend some time working towards your highest good this year, it all starts with a phone call.


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