Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed.


Intuitive reading experiences have the power to be transforming. Many people feel their readings provide them with the clarity, guidance, direction, and insights they need to confidently approach their goals, desires, dreams, concerns, and growth as people. We’re thankful for the opportunity to bring talented intuitive readers to the clients who need them the most. We believe in our team, and we’re confident that most clients will feel the same way.


Some of an intuitive reader’s guidance and advice may come to pass in the near future. Other times, it may take a while to show. For example, advice you’ve been given about a particular decision you’ll need to make in the future may not be apparent the moment you’ve wrapped up your call. We find that most clients who seek the long term benefits of working with an intuitive reader and remain open to the ebb and flow of a consistently changing universe are able to experience more clarity over time .


Sometimes, a particular intuitive reader may not connect with a client in the way he or she needs. Different reading styles may not work well with certain situations, or even certain personality types. If you don’t feel as though you’ve made a positive connection with your reader, contact us within 24 hours. We can suggest a new reader or refund your purchase. Contact us within 24 hours of the reading in question (click here). Our support team can walk you through the process of receiving a refund.


Please note that clients who frequently request refunds (more than three in a calendar year) or appear to be abusing the system may be denied future service. This is so that we may better serve new clients and satisfied clients for whom the services can effectively benefit.