Overwhelmed at Work? Here’s How to Meditate At Your Desk

It is a long established fact that meditation can change the way our brains work. If your brain isn’t doing you any favors (anxiety about a deadline, unpleasant interactions with coworkers, or external issues clouding your ability to focus), a quick meditation session may be in order. You can meditate from anywhere – even your desk at work.

Setting the Stage

Having a comfortable desk chair always helps. If you’re sitting a lot, your body would benefit from a chair that offers lower back support. It’s easier to relax in these chairs, and they keep your spine aligned. Turn down the screen brightness on your computer. It’s difficult to meditate with blue light shining directly on your eyelids. If your workplace utilizes fluorescent lights, you can minimize their presence by tossing on a pair of dark tinted sunglasses.

Utilizing Sound

Ringing phones, shuffling papers, and distant conversations may distract you. You can’t clear your mind when it feels the need to respond to intrusive stimuli. If you can’t run out of the office to rid yourself of auditory distractions, you can minimize their impact by overriding them. Noise cancelling earbuds can work to stifle intrusive sounds.

White noise and relaxation tracks are easy to find online – YouTube is full of them. If you find the sound of a storm calming, listen to that while you meditate. Crackling fires or nature sounds might be more your speed. If you’ve not yet mastered independent meditation, you can use a guided meditation track.

With Aroma

Scents can change the way we feel. Many people use aromatherapy diffusers to improve their moods. If you have a solo office, you might be able to diffuse oils without disturbing anyone. If you share an office or work from a cubicle, you likely aren’t allowed to choose what everyone else is going to smell for the day.

If you don’t want to disturb anyone, you can keep a bottle of your favorite essential oil at your desk. You can open it up and smell it directly from the bottle, or put a few drops on a cotton ball. Use peppermint oil to invigorate your senses and pull you out of a mid-afternoon slump. Use lavender oil to melt away the stress of the day. Sandalwood oil can help you find your center, bringing you back down to earth.


Working in a Quick Meditation Session

The longer you meditate, the more benefits you’ll receive from meditation. Although standard practice is a session lasting 20 minutes, you’ll still feel positive affects from a quick 5 or 10 minute meditation around lunch time. If you only have a few moments to spare, spend them meditating rather than checking your social media feeds. It’s better for you, and it will help you get through a tough day at work.


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