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About Jen


Intuitive Jen has been an Intuitive Advisor for over 24 years. She began using her gifts by performing in-person readings for family and friends and then moved into phone readings. Her readings have spanned all over; in offices, in her client’s homes, at events, and metaphysical shops. Her compassion and dedication to uplift her community is what drives her calling to the spiritual. Her passion has always been to help others, to guide and direct them within their journey called LIFE.
July 2019
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Topics / Abilities / Tools

  • Relationships
  • Abundance & Wealth
  • Making Important Decisions
  • Intuitive Life Coaching
  • Looking into The Future
  • Helping People Manifest
  • Tarot Cards
  • Oracle Cards
  • Angel Cards


Amazing experience


Jen is very talented at what she does! She made me feel very comfortable I felt like I was just talking to one of my good friends. A very funny and friendly person. I feel like I got all of the answers I needed in a timely manner. I’m looking forward to talking to her again!


Intuitive Jen is Accurate!


I just spoke with Intuitive Jen a few hours ago, and I am very satisfied. She touched on things that happened in my life nearly forty years ago, and she also touched on my near future. I am so surprised with how accurate Intuitive Jen is! I feel like she really understood me. She was very patient and non judgmental. Jen is someone I would love to speak to again.


Both Creative and Logical


Intuitive Jen has a fantastic knack for working with numbers and timelines. She'll tell you when you can expect the great news you're waiting for and why you should be so excited about it. She exudes optimism and is lighthearted in her delivery. She's a master with her cards, and she's very quick at interpreting all the answers.


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