Crystal of the Month: Amethyst

This pretty purple rock is a spiritual tool utilized by nearly anyone who practices almost anything. Amethyst is universally recognized is a calming stone and a semiprecious gemstone. People who don’t know what it bestows are often happy to use it for how beautiful it looks, making this crystal a veritable powerhouse – it’s just as beautiful as it is effective. Almost everyone stands to benefit from using amethyst. It just might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Where does Amethyst Come From?

Amethyst is purple quartz crystal. Its purple hue comes from the presence of iron, trace minerals, and natural irradiation. Amethyst can be found on several continents, but most of the highest quality amethyst comes from South America. Minas Gerais, Brazil is rife with volcanic rocks that break to expose brilliant amethyst crystals lining the inside. Russia, Uruguay, South Korea, and Austria also import significant amounts of amethyst, though Brazilian amethyst is highly sought after.

What Does it Do?

Amethyst is primarily utilized as a stress relief crystal. People who work high powered jobs, students in the thick of college, and anyone going through a tough time might benefit from amethyst. Amethyst is said to represent purification and decluttering – both of the physical space and the mental space. Using amethyst to meditate on the things that overwhelm you and envisioning a seamless way to lessen your burdens can help you accomplish Herculean tasks.

How Should I Use Amethyst?

Some people swear that placing amethyst in their homes, especially in the places where they sleep or work, improves their vibe. Because amethyst is such a strong stone, it’s also ideal for jewelry. You can wear amethyst as a pendant and take it with you everywhere you go. Grasp the pendant in your palm and meditate wherever you are. You can easily clear your mind at your desk or during your commute if your meditation stone is disguised as a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Is Amethyst Right For Me?

Amethyst is right for anyone who wants it. There isn’t a person on earth who wouldn’t benefit from reduced stress levels and a few more zen moments. If you’re wondering which crystals would be right for your meditative practices, you can always consult with an intuitive reader who can help you determine what you need.


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