Intuitive Central is designed to be what every other psychic reading or intuitive website is not. We recognize that the world we live in and the spirituality we practice have both come a long way since 1-800 psychic numbers entered our lives through late night commercials. Our idea of communication with the universe is vastly different.

Intuitive Central is based on the belief that everyone has the ability to harness their own intuition – it’s merely a sense that’s slightly sharper in some people. We hope that as we learn and grow with our intuitions that our visitors can do the same. We can enter awareness in unison and begin living the best version of our lives together. Spirituality is more than just asking for answers – it’s understanding all aspects of these answers and melding them together. Between the insights obtained from intuitive readings, astrology charts, wellness, and self care, we believe that everyone can become the best versions of themselves.



We’re a small operation based in Florida, cofounded by a prominent intuitive reader and her family. Our mission always has been and always will be to spread positivity and enlightenment while enhancing the wellness of others. Karma is something that we take seriously, and we feel that we’re spreading good karma through the work that we do.

In our quest to help people and create opportunities, we designed a business we felt would best allow us to do that. Our intuitive readers aren’t employees – they’re people we believe in and have empowered to share their insights. They make their own schedules, choose their own tools, and connect with our callers however they see fit. We respect everyone’s unique relationship with the universe – especially yours.