With personalized charts and our dedicated team of Intuitives, there is no limit to the wealth of information you can discover about yourself, both past and future. The present is up to you.

Call now and connect with an Intuitive who can help you find your path.



We believe everyone has the power to develop and follow their own voice. Having an abundance of knowledge in this fast paced and ever evolving world is crucial to making the choices that are right for your circumstance.
We provide the means to have a greater understanding in all things related to you! such as relationships, career goals, personal growth, wellness, and nutrition.



You’re more than just your sign. A great number of factors come into play when crafting a portrait of who you are in the universe. There is no one size fits all solution to knowing how the planets affect you. That’s why we offer custom interpretations and highly personalized charts to give you all the details you’ll ever need.

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This pretty purple rock is a spiritual tool utilized by nearly anyone who practices almost anything. Amethyst is universally recognized is a calming stone and a semiprecious gemstone. People who don’t know what it bestows are often happy to use it for how beautiful it......

It is a long established fact that meditation can change the way our brains work. If your brain isn’t doing you any favors (anxiety about a deadline, unpleasant interactions with coworkers, or external issues clouding your ability to focus), a quick meditation session may be......

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“When I first decided to get a reading, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was admittedly a bit skeptical. But I was at one of those confusing points in my life that usually leads someone to do the unexpected – like consult an Intuitive. The Intuitive I spoke with explained the process and made sure I was comfortable before proceeding. I was amazed. It was incredible how much she was able to tell me about myself. At first, it made me feel a little nervous and exposed, but it was cathartic. After she delved into my present self and the factors from my past that affect me (for better and for worse), we explored the possible paths for my future. A few months later and many of them have come to pass. I am certainly a reformed skeptic”.
– Shay T.